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A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal! Our student and faculty community constantly volunteer to social welfare activities.

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  • "In order to make the society more comfortable with cashless economy we propose to educate the women self help groups at Periyanaickenpalayam through our Selected students and staff members an extension programme has been planned to conduct on 10.02.2017 which aims to create awareness amongst people especially regarding Online Banking which is performed through a computer system or Mobile Phone that can connect to the banking site via the internet. The Programme will focus on:
  • Online Banking
  • Funds Transfer
  • Bill Payments
  • Digital Financing Vehicles
  • Online Grocery Business
  • e-Wallets
  • Loan Applications and Transactions (Online)
  • Request for Cheque Book (Online)
  • Online Statements
  • Updating the Contact Information
  • 33 womens has been actively participated in the activity and gave their valuable feed back about the programme, the also insist to conduct such a programme in future regularly to their group to enrich their knowledge.
  • In order to create awareness on Swine Flu a social awareness programme has been planned on 23.03.2017 to entire Coimbatore city. The department of Computer science and Business Administration UG has being participated and all the students and Faculty members of both department jointly organizes the programme and 8 college buses were taken the students to different destinations to spread the awareness to the public and notices were distributed to the Public in bus stands and crowded places. At the end of the programme Lunch was distributed to all the participants.
  • Plastic pollution is a huge environment and health issues as it harms us in more than one way such as it clogs drains, causes visual pollution and proves fatal for stray animals. So with “Beat Plastic Pollution”. As a part of ZERO PLASTIC DRIVE in connection with MC3 (My City Clean City) our students and staff volunteers collected and discard plastic wastes from and near the temple and all over the Maruthamalai hill on Sunday (27.02.2016), Volunteers and officials of various departments and organizations collected more than ten truckloads of plastic wastes from Marudamalai Hills as part of its Zero Plastic Drive, The wastes were collected with the help of corporation workers, in trucks that were given by the Coimbatore Corporation.
  • Awareness about Yoga & Computer to Donbosco School Students,Donbashcopuram Yoga is a universal, non-sectarian and secular spiritual formula of life. It concerns expression of divine potentiality hidden within body-mind complex of man. As a part of health awareness programme it was deceided to organize a health awareness programme to Donbosco Matriculation school , Donboscopuram.The programme has been planned on 31.01.2015 in the school premises. The activity has been started after the prayer and held at boys hostel. The students was taught the Basic excercises and Asanas. After the programme has over the session end up with refreshment.
  • In order to create dengue fever awareness to the public our department has planned to conduct an awareness programme to the peoples of Achampalyam Village located in surroundings of Annur. The programme was discussed among the faculty members and based on their valuable suggestion it was to be planned on 07.09.2013 at Acham Palayam Village, with the help of the government hospital the Nilavembu Kasyam was prepared and given to more then 200 peoples n and around the surroundings and PPT has been presented in the got school in order to shoe the public about the precautions and preventions of Dengue Fever.
  • As a part of social responsibility with the help of Coimbatore Corporation, the Department of Computer Science visited the Helping Hearts Old Age Home at KNG Pudur, Coimbatore-641025 on 21st December 2019 to help the needy, hopeless and aged people. The purpose of this visit was to make the students realise their social responsibilities towards Senior Citizens. Such visits also activate the student’s thought process to realise the agony and pain which the people go through in their old age while living away from their dear ones. The visit intended to teach them how to interact with the elderly who may have poor hearing and understanding along with other health problems as a result of old age.As per the schedule of the visit, Dr.S.S.Suganya, Assistant Professor Programmes coordinator , Ms.M.Praveena ,Assistant Professor and Ms.R.Lavanya Assistant Professor and around thirty five students visited the old age home in the morning on 21st December 2019. The aged home people were very pleasantly excited to receive the members. The student volunteers greeted them with great enthusiasm. There was huge smile on the faces of aged people and they were very happy to engage with them. The students and Faculty team members also met the caretaker of the old age home who was busy in helping the people to do various activities.The student volunteers interacted with aged people and helped them with their daily exercise. The team spent a little over three hours with the old aged home before saying goodbye to them. It also provides an opportunity for the students to contribute food and clothes which consists of 100 kgs of rice bags, 25 kgs of dhal and wheat bags , soaps, oil , sweets, biscuits and packets of cake to the home. It was indeed very satisfying experience for the students as they could bring smiles on aged people faces however for a brief period. They realized that one must contribute and understand his/her social responsibilities towards society.

the joy of giving

santa 365

Santa-365 has grown so much since 2018 and to date with the amazing support of the people from our hometown we have handed out over 15,000 gifts to orphanages, old age homes. For Santa 365 every day is a giving day, to initiate this SNS Family is fulfilling a wish regularly. With your determination, we can together make a difference in the lives of the needy children who depend on the homes.