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To establish framework for consultancy activities and also to provide expert advice, to promote good research culture and to share knowledge and expertise to benefit the society. Consultancy in higher education provides expert advice which is mean to be provided in the chosen field for particular the particular industry. In order to boot the consultancy service, the college promotes a good research culture and takes up a number of research consultancy projects and training. The consultancy service makes a long term commitment with the industries to its future development which is also helping the faculty members and students in turn to inculcate the knowledge. The consultancy projects, also the consultancy training to members from corporate would be based on monetary basis and also in the form of Goodwill. The consultancy service of the college may also include the creation of software solutions and helping in accounts and financial services.

Guidelines for Consultancy Projects and Consultancy Training

Letter from the Industry/Organization to do consultancy project to the Head of the Department/Institution in the area of expertise. Ex: Software Development, Web Development, Code Writing, Marketing, HR related Projects, Auditing Firms.                     

Letter to the Principal seeking permission to do the consultancy project for particular Industry/Organization from the Head of the Department with the proposal of the activity and approximate revenue going to generate from the particular project.    

Letter from the Head of the Department to Industry/Organization accepting the offer and the proposal of the activity to the Industry/Organization with terms and conditions, financial plan, details of the expert and work plan.                                                                                                                

Signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Industry/Organization.

Copy of full project submitted to the Industry/Organization and to Institutions.

Amount generated from the particular project and the utilization of the Development

Permission from the principal for sharing the revenue as plan the policy of the Institution