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Our Channels

VAGEESH: CEC/UGC: Humanities- 1, Language and Literature

SANSKRITI: CEC/UGC: Humanities- 2, Arts, History,Philosophy and related Subjects

PRABODH: CEC/UGC: Social Science -1, Sociology, Political Science & related subjects

SAARASWAT: CEC/UGC: Social Science - 2, Education, Psychology, Home Science and related subjects

PRABANDHAN: CEC/UGC: Social Science - 3, Management, Library Science, Information Science and related subjects

VIDHIK: CEC/UGC: Social Science - 4, Law, Legal Studies, Human Rights & related subjcts

KAUTILYA: CEC/UGC: Economics, Commerce and Finance

ARYABHATT: CEC/UGC: Physical sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & related Sub

SPANDAN: CEC/UGC: Life Sciences, Botany, Zoology, Bio-Science and related subjects

DAKSH: CEC/UGC: Applied Sciences, Allied Physical and Chemical sciences and related subjects

NPTEL: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and related Subjects

NPTEL: Civil Engineering and related subjects

NPTEL: Computer Science and Engineering

NPTEL: Electrical engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and related subjects

NPTEL: Engineering Sciences and general subjects for engineering.

NPTEL: Humanities, Social Sciences and Management

NPTEL: Mechanical Engineering and related subjects

NPTEL: Mathematics, Physics, Metallurgy and related subjects

IIT PAL: Biology

IIT PAL: Chemistry

IIT PAL: Mathematics

IIT PAL: Physics

IGNOU: Liberal Arts and Humanities

IGNOU: Agriculture, Vocational and Allied Sciences

IGNOU: Gyan Darshan

IGNOU: State Open Universities’ programs

NIOS: Secondary School Education

NIOS: Higher Secondary School Education


NIOS: Gyanamrit

NCERT: Kishore Manch (School and Teacher Education)

IGNOU and NIOS: Teacher Education