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All admissions to the college are made as per the instructions given by the University and the Government of Tamilnadu.

Application for admission to the college should be submitted only in the prescribed form available in the college office.

Admissions are done normally only in the beginning of the academic year.

Any candidate who is found to have obtained admission by false representation will be summarily dismissed with forfeiture of all fees paid.

The name of the student will be struck off from the roll if the student is absent for more than five working days continuously from the date of admission or reopening of the college whichever is later.

The semester fees shall be paid in one sum on or before but not later than the FIFTH WORKING DAY of the semester.

Students are required to retain the receipts for all the fees paid, duly signed and issued to them.

If a student fails to pay the semester fees on or before the date specified, a fine of Rupees Five for each working day shall be levied.

If a student leaves the college in the middle of any semester, he/she cannot claim remission of any portion of the fees.

The student has to clear the dues if any to the library and laboratory to get his Transfer Certificate and other Certificates.

If a student leaves the college at the end of an academic year, he/she can receive the attendance certificate required by the University if he/she applies for it.

The original Transfer and Conduct Certificates submitted to the college at the time of admission will not be returned to the students, and they will be retained by the college.