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CLT offers unique and intensive professional development opportunities for faculty members to enhance culturally responsive teaching strategies and incorporate intercultural perspectives in curriculum. CLT also takes an evidence-based approach in advocating effective learning and teaching practices, curriculum planning, services to support the use of technology in education, and institutional policies and infrastructure to enhance the learning environment.

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Dr. R. MaruthaVeni




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faculty achievements

  • 6 faculties of our Department completed NPTEL with Elite ,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur on Advanced engineering of Mathematics,Mathematical Methods and its applications and Internet of things,Ms.R.Maruthaveni got 100 percent (Gold Medal ) in NPTEL ,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur on Internet of things,Ms R.Maruthaveni Completed Ph.D on An Implementation of Advanced version in RFID using Hyperbolic based three dimensional Algorithm 06.12.2019
  • 10 faculties of Maths Department completed NPTEL ,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur on Linear algebra
  • T.Ramesh , Assistant Professor got Best Faculty Award from COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS INDIA(P) LTD for placement in the academic Year 2017-2018. and also T.Ramesh ,Assistant Professor qualified SET Examination on 2017 Conducted by Mother Theresa Women's University, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu and 11 Faculties of our Department Completed NPTEL with Elite ,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur,in the Courses Calculus of Variation,Numerical methods,Graph theory,Multivariable Calculus
  • Ms.C.Jenita Nancy,Ms.praveena Assistant Professor of our Department Completed NPTEL with Elite ,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur,in the Courses Introductory Course in Real Analysis

our curriculum

design thinking
based educational framework

Institutional courses
dt courses

  • design thinking      
  • life skill development
  • communicative english
  • professional communication
  • personality development
  • foreign languages
  • global business ethics and law
  • verbal/quantitative aptitude/reasoning
  • essence of global culture

dt courses

  • emerging mooc courses   
  • 2 coding languages
  • 2 department specific tools
  • basic s&h courses
  • program specific engineering/ arts/ science/ core/ elective courses
  • 5 innovative technologies

dt courses

  •     mini projects    
  • internships
  • industrial training
  • industrial projects
  • students exchange programme
  • capstone project
  • 4 career tracks

dt courses

  • weekend online practice 
  • coding
  • subject domain specific
  • vqar
  • innovative technologies/tools
  • extra curricular activities
  • yoga/ meditation/ reading/ club activities/ sports/ top contest PARTICIPATION

career DT Courses

4 career tracks


Business Model Canvas
B.Plan, Pitching and Negotiation
Finance and Economics
IPR Drafting

corporate recruitment

Mock Interviews
Personal Psychology
Job search
Resume Building, Interview Process and On boarding
Advanced VQAR

Government recruitment

Personal Psychology
General Knowledge
Resume Building
Interview Process
Advanced VQAR (Govt, Bank, and UPSC)

Higher Education

Advanced QAR (GRE, GMAT and GATE)